What We Can do

Exclusively *LOCAL* IT Support included in your monthly bill

We *only* service certain zip codes (determined during the sign up / quoting process), depending on if we have an account manager available in your area as we believe that to deliver quality customer service / support, we need to be in your local area so we can tackle your digital issues head on. You can contact your account manager anytime to setup an IT appointment and that is INCLUDED at no additional cost (up to a certain amount of hours, dependent on the plan and the discretion of your manager). We don’t limit the amount of IT appointments you can make with your account manager, but we ask you not to abuse our current (what we think is a generous) policy. Note that if hours not used in a month carry over to the next month so don’t feel rushed to use your manager, they’ll always be available to help.

We manage your relationship with your service providers and preferences on your digital home equipment

We make sure your bills stay the same (and in some cases decrease) instead of rising every year as is so often the trend in America, and we keep them stay the same as long as possible by proactively speaking with your service provider(s) on your behalf. If market conditions change (though we don’t believe that will be the case anytime soon), we’ll notify you 3 months (or more) ahead of time that your rates for any given provider may increase. Your manager’s proactive monitoring means NO MORE surprise bills! You can also ask us to add, remove, or change the features of your current accounts. We can manage any preference that your technological equipment allows (and even some could be custom programmed by your management as we all are equipped to script automations you may want in your digital life) and any preferences your provider(s) offer.

Split your VC monthly bill with family

Most people that use our service have large families and having a digital manager on retainer can be costly if your whole family is using our service (it’s very easy to get used to the convenience, or so we’ve heard) and you’re the only one paying the bill so we make it easy to split your bill if you would prefer that. Just note that if one family member’s monthly payment gets declined (or the family member whom pays manually every month misses paying by the due date) the other’s will be split among the amount left evenly (all of the other’s will be notified via text of who’s payment failed or was missed and what the new amount will be if they are paying manually or automatically).

No surprise fees

You will always be notified of anything you may be charged for BEFORE we do it for you – so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be charged each month if it’s more than normal ad well as any other provider you choose to have us proactively monitor / manage. We keep you in the loop so you can keep your finances in check, this may be worth the price of our monthly bill in and of itself. We also don’t do late fees on our bills, we believe that any kind of financial crises that may come up can be resolved with payment plans, it is important to note that if you do enter into a payment plan (due to an inability to pay, not if a billing system happens on our side), your free monthly allotted local IT hours get cut in half, and they do not roll over to the next month, but every other feature of our service stays the same.