Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Will I be assigned a specific manager?

Absolutely, you will have a dedicated AND local manager and you’ll always interact with them. They will speak with (so you don’t have to) the manufacturers / resps and resolve any issues when working through a resolution with your equipment / accounts. We support directly working with most cloud / digital services (note that you would have to be with your manager to authorize them to work on those accounts) and equipment (note that you would also have to be nearby to give us permission to work on any equipment). We can help you fix your jammed printer, setup your gateway, change preferences on your Gmail account, install and tutor you on any new software you’re interested in. We can help educate you on how to negotiate your monthly bills down and in some cases even do most of the legwork for you.

We work on-site with you for up to your monthly hourly limit (per hour charges after that allotted amount do apply) and at the number of local locations that your plan allows. Always remember, you’ll be notified by us BEFORE we do any work for you if you may go above on your monthly free hours and can refuse to use anymore hours until the following month.

We can manage nearly any digital account or piece of equipment but the companies whom products we work on the most frequently for our customers are TPLink, Gmail, Netgear, HP Printers, Macs, PC setups, Apple TV Setup, Apple (iPhones, iPads, and Macs), Android (Samsung Galaxy, most commonly), Roku Setup, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Comcast, YouTube, Google, G Suite, Evernote, etc

and we will continuously check-in when we’re in the area to check for security updates and if we notice that monthly prices start rising abnormally in your area (such as Adobe’s Monthly Suite raising their monthly cost), our managers will let you know and can suggest we contact those companies while we’re there to see what other promotions may be available for any given account at that time.


Absolutely no technical knowledge is required from you since we do on-site management of your equipment / services, we’ll be able to see all of those things, so don’t feel a need to talk about what technical / digital / cloud services and equipment you needed managed until your first appointment with your local representative.

What kind of equipment do you support?

We will do our best to support and help manage any hardware configuration you already have for any of your services. Talk to your local representative if you feel like you need recommendations for new hardware in any capacity of your digital life and we can rummage through Amazon with you to find the perfect gear!


What are the support hours?

Most of our reps on-site time windows are from 12PM to 8:30PM EST, but each rep has their own schedule so you’d make an appointment with them directly when you need on-site help and would like to use your monthly a-lotted hours (but remember, they DO carry over from month to month).

I’ve got a problem configuring my device, am having issues with a cloud / digital service, having any other IT related issue, can you help?

We always do our best to have you up and running for the prices you expect. Customer support is an important part of our philosophy. We’ll do our best to help you – so please contact your account manager by text / call / email so that they can fix your issue ASAP.