Terms and Conditions

ViridianCloud and its customers agree to the following terms of service.


Our Agents: We employ other companies and people (“Agents”) to perform tasks on our behalf and need to share your information with them to provide products or services to you; for example, we may use a payment processing company to receive and process your credit card transactions for us. Unless we tell you differently, our agents do not have any right to use the Personal Information we share with them beyond what is necessary to assist us.

Will these Terms ever change?

We provide quality local IT, account management, equipment recommendations, and tech support and are constantly trying to improve our service (“Services”), so these Terms may need to change along with the Services. We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time, but if we do, we will bring it to your attention by placing a notice on the viridiancloud.com website, by sending you an email, and / or by some other means.

If you don’t agree with the new Terms, you are free to reject them; unfortunately, that means you will no longer be able to use our Services. If you use the Services in any way after a change to the Terms is effective, that means you agree to all of the changes. 

Except for changes by us as described here, no other amendment or modification of these Terms will be effective unless in writing and digitally signed by both you and us.

What are the basics of ViridianCloud

You may be required to sign up for an account, and select a password and user name (“Company User ID”). You promise to provide us with accurate, complete, and updated registration information about yourself. You may not select as your Company User ID a name that you don’t have the right to use, or another person’s name with the intent to impersonate that person. You may not transfer your account to anyone else without our prior written permission.

You represent and warrant that you are an individual of legal age to form a binding contract (or if not, you’ve received your parent’s or guardian’s permission to use the Services and gotten your parent or guardian to agree to these Terms on your behalf).

You will only use the Services for your own internal, personal, non-commercial use, and not on behalf of or for the benefit of any third party, and only in a manner that complies with all laws that apply to you. If your use of the Services is prohibited by applicable laws, then you aren’t authorized to use the Services. We can’t and won’t be responsible for your using the Services in a way that breaks the law.

You will not share your account or password with anyone, and you must protect the security of your account and your password. You’re responsible for any activity associated with your account.

Rights you grant us

During the registration process, you will be asked to enter your user credentials for your online accounts, such as your cable provider (“User Credentials”). We can also send you a one-time PIN to access your accounts and when doing so, you agree to allow us to use the PIN to view your credentials and change them, if necessary, and if done, we will provide that information to you. Your credentials are used to provide us access to review transactions or other account information for your accounts with these third party providers (each, a “Third Party Provider” and such account information your “Account Information”). You can read more about how we use and store your information in our Privacy Policy and Data Security Policy You hereby authorize and permit us to use the User Credentials submitted by you to perform the Services.

We use your User Credentials to review your Account Information and perform various services on your behalf. For example, we use your Account Information to identify recurring payments, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and negotiate discounts on your bills on your behalf. You expressly authorize us to access, view and use, on your behalf as your agent, your Account Information. You grant us a limited power of attorney, and appoint us as your agent and attorney in-fact, to access, review and use your Account Information with full power and authority, but only to act for and on your behalf with Third Party Providers. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT WHEN WE ARE ACCESSING YOUR USER CREDENTIALS AND ACCOUNT INFORMATION, WE ARE ACTING AS YOU OR YOUR AGENT, AND NOT AS THE AGENT OF OR ON BEHALF OF A THIRD PARTY. You understand and agree that ViridianCloud is not sponsored or endorsed by any third parties accessible through the Services. 

Payment Information. All information that you provide in connection with a purchase or transaction or other monetary transaction interaction with the Services must be accurate, complete, and current. You agree to pay all charges incurred by your use of our Services (including, but not limited to, the $70 / hour charge for on-site visits over your monthly allotment). You will pay any applicable taxes, if any, relating to any such purchases, transactions or other monetary transaction interactions.

Billing Policies. Certain aspects of the Services may be provided for a fee, subscription or other charge. If you purchase a subscription from ViridianCloud, this subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle if you choose to automatically pay your bill, typically every thirty (30) days, at which point you will automatically be charged for the Services for the next billing cycle (or you will be billed for them if you choose to pay manually). ViridianCloud may add new services for additional fees and charges, add or amend fees and charges for existing services, at any time in its sole discretion. Any change to our pricing or payment terms shall become effective in the billing cycle following notice of such change to you as provided in this Agreement.