XSecure Transactions

We make sure that all of our transactions with you (such as your monthly bill) are as secure as possible. We use top of the line processors and we even obfuscate what servers and subdomains can see using a system designed by our partner DewPay. We utilities their randomized subdomain technology to obfuscate your transactions and keep your info safe (like when you see xs.viridiancloud.com when paying your bill). This adds an extra layer of security to help protect your sensitive debit or credit card information. In fact, we’ve designed the system so that your information gets sent directly to the processor so none of our managers or employees can tell you any more than the expiration date and last four digits of your card – that’s how important your security is to us! We’ve worked hard and made sure that our customers had the most seamless and secure way to pay.

The highlight benefits of this initiative include:
Xtra Secure Payments
• Seamless payment redirection system to keep you safe
• Easy-to-use login flow with encrypted channels for that extra peace of mind
• Automatic login based on your IP address and phone number on your account